What’s PTGui?

Is a software specializing in image processing. Makes it easy for users to handle high quality stitching. This software is compatible on Windows and Mac.



The ability of PTgui

  1. Use to attach photos to a large panel.The utility of this program can be mentioned when compared with other image attachment software.
  2. It is possible to mount many different rows of images. Create 360-degree cylindrical panels, array flat panels and even 360×180-degree convex panels, without having to hold the camera position.
  3. Titled and rotated images can be attached; Unlimited product output size: create Gigapixel-sized panels from hundreds of different images.
  4. Capable of automatically attaching images, and at the same time providing full management rights through a single parameter.
    => This makes it easier to attach “difficult” photos, which other programs cannot do.

Website: PTGui